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Uhuru dares his Deputy to resign from Gov’t

[President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) with DP Uhuru Kenyatta].

President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked his Deputy William Ruto to resign from government.

Uhuru said Ruto has been blaming the government he works for.

He said Ruto has been moving around criticising the same government he is working for saying that if he is not satisfied being in the government he should walk out.

“You are discrediting the government and the next minute you say as government we have implemented various development programs,” said the president.

Uhuru asked Kenyans to support the Building Bridges Initiative-BBI.

However, in a quick rejoinder, the Deputy President said he helped the president to clinch the top seat and he is now focusing on his journey to state house.

Ruto said since Uhuru has turned his back on him, he will only focus on his political journey.

“I backed Uhuru when many said he was facing criminal charges at the ICC, now what changed,” noted Ruto.

The noisy fall-out and the disintegrating of Jubilee Party has sent the country into early 2022 politics.

Ruto has been working on his 2022 political journey urging Kenyans to support him in his bid for the presidency.