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When ‘Handshake’ falls apart


President Uhuru Kenyatta allies have asked Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga to silently exit the ‘Handshake’ if he feels uncomfortable being in it.

The close Uhuru Allies led by former Jubilee Party Vice Chairperson David Murathe said no one is forcing Raila to remain in the ‘Handshake’ and he openly told off Raila that he can leave at his own will.

The ‘Handshake’ between President Uhuru Kenyatta hatched in March, 2018 has been disintegrating with the two factions engaging in a fierce political battle.

Murathe said “If Raila wants to exit ‘Handshake’ he can do so without threats. Uhuru has been so kind to him all this time. Enjoying state power for a government he did not contribute anything”

He continued “If he wants to go out let him do it. Uhuru did not promise him support in 2022. ‘Handshake was not about 2022”.

Recently Uhuru has been fronting Baringo Senator Gedion Moi and the recent political steps in Mount Kenya region where National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi’s name has been on the limelight may just trigger Raila out of the ‘Handshake’.

The ‘Handshake’ between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leaders Raila Odinga yielded to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Raila has been using the BBI to criss-cross the country in a bid to woe Kenyans to support the initiative.

However, recently there has been a political gap between Uhuru and Raila with many Kenyans eagerly waiting for the ‘Handshake’ dead end.

Both Raila and Uhuru have since been numb about the ‘Handshake’ issue.

Recently, during his six day tour of the Coast region, Raila drummed support for the Constitution Amendment Bill, 2020 famously known as Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Raila appealed to Coastal people to ignore the politics surrounding BBI and fully back the initiative in the planned June 2021 referendum.