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Which docket does he fit in Nassir’s gov’t?

[Mombasa youthful political activist and youth leader Mohammed Hussein Mohammed (Amadoh). Photo/courtesy/Nov' 06, 2022].

No doubt the loyal Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir young right hand man Mohammed Hussein Mohammed is slated for a big stake in the Mombasa County government.

Mohammed, famously referred to by his peer as Amadoh has been a loyal close confidant and political hardworking man for Governor Nassir since he became the Mvita Member of parliament back in 2013.

Mohammed has been shielding the then Mvita Legislature and working round the clock to ensure everything concerning Nassir’s leadership in the constituency works smoothly well.

The Mombasa youthful leadership has been waiting for the major announcement from Nassir on whether Mr Mohammed will win his heart in the County cabinet or one of the Chief officers.

In the recent past, various youth groups have been technically and intelligently discussing the issue on the social media, indirectly fronting Mohammed for a serious county government position.

The youth have raised concerns on how they will directly benefit from the Governor’s County government restructuring strategy.

Mohammed, a dedicated political youth activist has worked as the Personal Assistant (PA) to the two-term Mvita MP and in many situations standing in for Nassir in official constituency functions while the governor was making some serious arguments and engagements at the National Assembly.

However, with the planned sequence of events and Nassir’s clinching the Mombasa gubernatorial seat in the August, 2022 polls, the wait with baited breath among the youth is evident, they are waiting for the major announcement from the Governor on where Mohammed will fit best.

It is a matter of when and not if Nassir will cease the long wait and respond to the Mombasa youthful generation queries.

Mohammed, as many would suggests, he might fit in the county’s Youth and Sports department or will he remain the Governor’s Personal Assistant and close confidant?

With the 10-year political experience and how Mohammed engaged the youth during Nassir’s quest for Mombasa gubernatorial post, the young man has attracted and hold the hearts of many.

He had played the political advisor role, delivering votes to the governor while traversing the entire Mombasa County.

Though engaging the youth has never been a rosy bed, the youthful leader used his tactics well known to him in clearing the political way for Nassir who received a warm reception whenever he visited all the all the six Mombasa Sub-counties.

Anyway, political journey is always a learning experience, however, the young man remains instrumental and critical aspect in Nassir’s leadership circle throughout his gubernatorial journey.

So, when will Nassir blink and calm down the youth by making the official announcement about the youthful courageous leader Mohammed Hussein Mohammed famously known as Amadoh? the wait continues but with high expectations from Mombasa youth.