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Women, Youth at the centre of my political strategy- Matuga aspirant


Matuga Parliamentary seat aspirant Ramadhan Masoud Bungale says women and youth remains at the epic centre of his leadership strategy if he sails into leadership in the August, 9th, 2022 general elections.

Bungale says there is no any society, County or nation that can prosper without the involvement of women and youth in decision making.

Bungale, a Kwale County youthful Leader has vowed to trounce the incumbent, Matuga MP Kassim Sawa Tandaza in the forthcoming general polls.

Bungale, a University of Nairobi graduate has been serving the Kwale County Government as Social Services and Talent Management Executive Member.

Before joining the Kwale County government, Bungale served as the Coast regional Coordinator NG-CDF Board.

“Through my service to the community at both national and county level, I realised that women and youth should be fully involved in all decision making and development strategy of any County,” he said.

The youthful Leader has been engaging the locals in Matuga Constituency just to ensure they back his bid for the Matuga Parliamentary seat.

Speaking during his political campaigns in Matuga, Kwale County, Bungale noted that the Constituency needs fresh leadership geared towards uplifting the living standards of locals.

“Plans are already in place to ensure women and youth are fully involved in economic activities with an aim of ensuring they have sustainable livelihoods,” he said.

Bungale said since women form the base of the society, uplifting them simply translates to uplifting the entire society.

He said serving youth at his capacity as the County Executive Member has enabled him to put up strategies to uplift various talents in Kwale County.

[Matuga Parliamentary seat aspirant Ramadhan Masoud Bungale chatting his leadership strategy with women in the Constituency. photo/Suleiman Mwajenjewa].
“If we empower women economically and help nurture talents among our youth we will equally solve the underlying economic obstacles facing the community around,” he reiterated.

Bungale is however, expected to face a fierce political battle from the current Matuga Legislature Kassim Sawa Tandaza, Former TV personality Mwanaisha Chidzuga, her brother Hassan Chidzuga among other aspirants who are yet to openly declare their candidature for the Parliamentary seat.