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Youth urged to politically support their peers


Youth at the Coast have been encouraged to support their peers interested in politics.

The youth have been further asked to fully back their colleagues who are vying for various elective posts in the August, 9, 2022 general elections.

The Kenya Community Support Center (KECOSCE) Programs Coordinator Hassan Kibwana said it is disheartening to see youth fighting and criticising their colleagues instead of supporting their political ambitions.

The youth activist said Coast youth have been supporting other politicians, openly ignoring their very own who are vying for various elective posts.

He said youth will solve many problems surrounding them only when they work in unison and get into leadership positions.

“In 2017, we saw our youth insulting their colleagues who were campaigning, this should not be the case as we head to the August, 9, 2022,” said Mr Kibwana.

The youth activist further urged youth to unite and strategise on how they can sail into power in the 2022 general polls.

“If we are the majority in the country then why don’t we use our numbers to initiate the leadership changes we want?” Posed Kibwana.

The youth activist noted that high politicians dependency by Coastal youth can be singled out as one of the major setbacks youth in the region are experiencing.

“If we continue with the handouts habit then we will remain permanent beggars as Coastal youth,” Added the youth activist.

He said, Coast youth should start early by engaging their peers, clearly understand their political intentions and conduct serious on ground political campaigns.

He said the youth have for long time been singing for other politicians and that their time is now.

Meanwhile, Kibwana has cautioned youth against being politically incited to breach peace and security at grassroot level, in the region.

He said youth should become peace ambassadors especially this time when the country is nearing the general elections.