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Youth urged to take over Mombasa County Assembly in 2022

[Kadzandani Creative Chair and Mombasa youths activist Omar Chai. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Mombasa youth have been challenged to venture into leadership and replace all the Mombasa County Assembly Members.

The youth have been further urged to ensure they support each other in making their dream of sailing into leadership a reality.

Youth activist Omar Chai said Mombasa County Assembly has badly failed in foregrounding issues affecting Mombasa residents but instead serving their ‘masters’.

According to the Kadzandani Creative Youth Organisation Executive Director, Mombasa MCA’s have clearly depicted to Mombasa residents and especially the youth that they have no interests in the community matters but their selfish gains.

“The Building Bridges Initiative-BBI is a major test for the assembly, they will pass it because they have been ordered to do so,” said Chai.

He said for the past years or so the Mombasa County assembly has played the role of a ‘rubber stamp’ only passing what is to benefit few individuals and their executive, completely forgetting Mombasa residents.

“Nothing tangible has come out of the Mombasa County Assembly even our very own youth we had high hopes with are now dancing to their ‘masters’ tune,” said Mr. Chai.

The vocal youth activist urged his peers to relentlessly venture into grassroots politics and ‘clean’ the Mombasa County Assembly.

He said Mombasa youth have what it takes to take over the grassroots to the top county’s leadership.

Chai urged the youth to start early in pursuing the Ward representative seats.

“Only few Members of the County assembly among them Freere town Ward representative Charles Kitula, his Mjambere Ward counterpart Fahad Kassim among five others have shown interest in serving their electorates,” said Chai.

Kipevu Ward MCA Faith Mwende, her Jomvu counterpart Athman Shebe, Kongowea Ward Abrar Dzimba are among those who have been playing the opposition role in the assembly.

However, they were stripped off various comittee roles.

“Our MCA’s are excited because they will get new cars to pass BBI at the expense of Mombasa residents?” posed Mr. Chai.