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Zuleikha, Mwashetani, accuse each other of incompetence

[Kwale woman Rep. Zuleikha Hassan (left) with Lungalunga MP Khatib Abdallah Mwashetani. Photo/courtesy].

Lungalunga Member of Parliament Khatib Abdallah Mwashetani has answered Kwale Woman representative Zuleikha Hassan over her recent remarks that the MP has failed in tackling the chronic land problem in his constituency.

Mwashetani told-off Zuleikha accusing her of using the land issue to gain political mileage.

According to Mwashetani, Zuleikha should play her part as Kwale Woman MP and stop lamenting on other political leader’s roles.

Mwashetani said despite him being in the Parliamentary select committee on lands, he has no mandate to invade other people’s constituencies in the name of fighting land grabbing or tackling other land related issues in the county.

He termed Zuleikha’s remarks as unfortunate and that should not be coming from such a respected Kwale county leader.


The Lawmaker defended himself saying he is working with locals in ensuring the chronic land problem within Kwale County and in his constituency is amicably addressed.

“If a whole Woman representative is crying in a public rally accusing me of inefficiency, what is she trying to tell her own electorates?” posed Mr. Mwashetani.

The MP urged locals to ignore the Woman representative and work closely with him in battling the land issue among other basic issues affecting Kwale county dwellers and specifically those in his constituency.

Political battle

Recently during ODM leader Raila Odinga tour of the county in Kinango, Zuleikha accused Mwashetani saying he has remained mum while locals in his constituency and other parts of the county are being evicted from their lands every day.

Zuleikha urged locals to ignore Mwashetani on his 2022 Kwale Governorship bid following high levels of incompetence.

He said the Legislature should have been in the forefront in battling land grabbing within his Lungalunga constituency and the entire Kwale County.

“Despite the MP being in the lands committee he has done totally nothing in salvaging our land,” said Zuleikha amid tears.

However, Mwashetani has rubbished Zuleikha’s claims saying the Kwale Woman representative should embrace working with other leaders in achieving the objective of securing Kwale county residents’ land ownership rights.