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PS asked to resign over ‘reckless’ remarks against Coastal youth


Angry Coastal youth have asked Shipping and Maritime Principal Secretary Nancy Karigithu to apologise and resign over what they termed as reckless remarks against the Coastal youth.

The youth have gnashed Ms Karigithu who was recently quoted in one of the local dailies saying Coastal youth have failed to secure jobs in the maritime sector because they did not know and understand English language.

Karigithu said such setback in their communication has hugely denied them jobs.

He sentiments didn’t go down well with the Coastal youth.

Led by youth activist Junaid Feisal, the youth said the PS remarks are truly reckless and apart from apologising to the youth she must resign.

Feisal said the Coast region has vast learned youth with various skills and are struggling to make ends meet.

According to Mr. Feisal, it is the same government that has denied Coastal youth employment opportunities by using such baseless allegations that Coastal youth cannot express themselves.

He said, despite the discrimination in employment opportunities, Coast youth have initiated various employment initiatives and are up-keeping their lives.

“These remarks from such a public figure is only adding salt to the wound. Let the government first improve the education infrastructure in public schools and send well equipped and skilled personnel to such institutions,” noted Mr. Feisal.

The youthful activist reminded the government that it has for years ignored the education sector compared to other parts of the country where public schools always have more than enough teachers and we’ll improved infrastructure.

“Instead of Ms Karigithu insulting us she should first push for sponsorship of Coastal students to pursue various disciplines in the maritime sector,” noted an embittered Feisal.

He said despite all the drastic challenges, Coast youth have embraced resilience, hardworking, eloquent multiple linguistics challenging Karigithu to encourage the youth instead of soiling their image.

(Shipping and Maritime PS Ms Nancy Karigithu. Photo/courtesy).

However, Karigithu says she has been misunderstood but many youth applying for the jobs cannot clearly communicate in English.