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PS Karigithu to appear before parliament over ‘baseless’ sentiments


Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir has said Shipping and Maritime Principal Secretary Nancy Karigithu should appear before the National assembly to explain further her remarks that Coast youth have been locked out of maritime jobs because they lack English skills.

Nassir termed Karigithu’s remarks as reckless and a total mediocrity from such a senior public servant.

The Mvita Legislature said Karigithu has failed in pushing for the enactment of various shipping laws so that they can enhance international cooperation to directly benefit Kenyan youth.

According to Nassir, since the parliament has been waiting for the Shipping and Maritime department under the transport Ministry to present various proposals and it has totally failed, the public investments committee as well as the transport committee is planning to summon the PS.

Nassir said the PS should actually state before the parliament what has led to the ‘lack of English skills’ among Coastal youth.

The MP further said, the PS is supposed to be at the forefront in giving out solutions to the maritime problems and not furth crush Coast youth hopes.

“As MPs, we will soon demand a much deeper explanation from the PS over such useless claims. We want to understand who has failed in this circle as she purports,” said Nassir.

The Lawmaker said there has been discrimination in job opportunities and the PS should stop using such defense.

Nassir said those mandated to man the maritime sector has totally failed in changing the old laws and enhance proper working partnership with other International port cities.

“Our learned youth are struggling to secure employment in the Marine sector, let Ms. Karigithu give us the data of those who missed maritime jobs because they don’t know the English language,” said Mr. Nassir

The PS was recently quoted in one of the dailies saying Coastal youth are locked out of maritime jobs because they lacked English skills.

His sentiments have elicited heated debate in the Coast region with youth demanding an apology and resignation of Ms. Karigithu.