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Pull down ‘Obscene’ bill boards-GA Insurance warned


By; Mgandi Ngala

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has issued notice for an immediate pull down of several bill boards mounted by an insurance company after it classified them as “obscene”.

The bill boards mounted by GA Insurance Company were ordered pulled down in a letter dated April 29.

KFCB said that the billboard contains inappropriate language, adult implied message and pictures not suitable for public exhibition.

The company has been given 24 hour notice to bring down the billboards failure to which they will be pulled down at their cost and also face prosecution.

KFCB Coast regional manager Bonventure Kioko said one of the bill board mounted at Nyali Bridge and along several other roads in Mombasa by the insurance company had violated regulations of the consumer watchdog agency and have not been rated by KFCB.

“The photos used in the said bill board were never submitted to our institution for review before being allowed to be mounted, it shows two young men, with one kicking the private parts of the other while the words in it ‘Shit happens’ are inappropriate to be used by an insurance company,” he said.

He said the company had not responded back to the board’s letter by Monday evening and by end of Tuesday all the GA Insurance bill boards in Mombasa will be pulled down.

“Advertisers should avoid sensual or foul language. Adverts don’t have to be obscene, sexualised or have adult language to sell. Adverts containing obscene images or language should not be erected in public places,” added Mr. Kioko.

“We have now given a 24 hour notice to the insurance company and if it will not have pulled down the bill board, we will pull it down and institute legal measures,” said Kioko.