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Radio queen launches environment campaign at the Coast

[Beatrice Dama Kahindi at Radio kaya Studios during 'Voroni Enehu' breakfast show'. Photo/Courtesy]

Renowned Coast radio queen has launched an environmental campaign in a bid to improve tree coverage in the region.

The Mijikenda radio Star with a commanding voice that transverse to the Coastal audience through 93.1 FM, Radio Kaya said that she started the campaign early February this year and so far the reception has been very positive.

Speaking exclusively to Jambo News Network, Beatrice Dama Kahindi who hosts Radio kaya’s most listened Mijikenda breakfast show ‘Voroni enehu’ which loosely translates to ‘Good Morning my people’ said that she has been in various parts of the Coast region and what pains her is the perennial dry and unproductive land that hinders agriculture.

She revealed that her campaign started earlier even before the one launched by the head of state and vowed to carry it on until the Coast community embraces planting of trees to stop soil erosion and restore land fertility which will also result into food security

Beatrice famously known as ‘Tausi’ while on air said that she has a great passion in environmental issues a passion that she is holding dearly.

“The dry and unproductive land is actually our own creation, we should restore tree coverage and stop burning charcoal,” she noted.

Beatrice who has transverse the whole of Kilifi County and now changed focus to Kwale County where the most tuned in Radio station Radio Kaya is based, said that she has opted to instill environmental education to young pupils in primary schools so that the grow with a zeal of protecting the environment.


[Beatrice Dama Kahindi (Kneeling down, Left) leading Kilifi Community in Planting trees at Mgumoni area, Kilifi County. Photo/Courtesy]

“My Focus is now in primary schools where I meet teachers, students, Parents and to some extent Officials from the Ministry of environmental and the Kenya Forest Service so that we walk together in the green movement.

“I have been at Mihingoni and Kaloleni primary schools as well as at the Malindi District Cultural Association-MADCA Centre and Mgumoni area within Kilifi County, together with my colleagues from Radio Kaya we have planted over 1000 trees,” she noted.

She appealed to the Coast community to unite with the Coast based radio station in a bid to save the environment and secure the future by planting trees.