Home News Rage mounts as Kenya Tuitakayo movement protest for change

Rage mounts as Kenya Tuitakayo movement protest for change

[Father Gabriel Dolan during Kenya we want initiative visit at St. James Catholic Church in Mtopanga, Kisauni. Photo/ Elvis Kenga].

Kenya Tuitakayo on Sunday protested government impunity at St. James Catholic Church in Mtopanga, Kisauni.

This is a people-driven movement that wants to end the deep state-capture.

Members sent their messages silently through the red t-shirts and caps they wore, though some spoke to the congregation

The initiative fights for dignity and human rights, sovereignty and protection of public resources, and a just nation.

It is against predetermined ballots.

It further focuses on inclusivity, youth development, quality and relevant education and a secure nation

The movement is opposed to grabbing of public land or its allocation for private interests.

Kenya tuitakayo ‘The Kenya we want’ movement also calls for protection o natural resources and segregation based on economic class and power stopped.

Members of the group want a revolution to overturn the crisis Kenya is experiencing as the country’s economy is in distress.

[MUHURI Rapid response officer Francis Auma at St. James Catholic Church Mtopanga addressing congregation on the changes kenyans want. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (Kippra) has warned the economy is in the red.

Kippra said Kenya is reeling under the pressure of a Sh 5.3 trillion public debt, gradually reducing its ability to borrow more for development purposes.

“We are overburdened with debts because our leaders are borrowing recklessly,” Patrick Ochieng a member of the initiative said.

Mr. Ochieng’ is the Chairperson of the Coast Civil Society Reference Group.

Kenyans want the country to revolt like Sudan.

Sudanese revolted over the high cost of bread and overthrown a long-time ruler Omar al-Bashir.

The cost of living in Kenya has remained an all-time high.

Promises by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to lower it have remained a mirage.

Though there has been arrest no convictions and no stolen money recovered said Father Gabriel Dolan from haki yetu centre.

[Kenya tuitakayo initiative at St. James Catholic church at Mtopanga in Kisauni preaching the gospel of change/Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI Rapid response officer Francis Auma said Kenyans must act.

“We must speak truth for change to be realised,” he said.

The movement will hold a series of activities, some sporadic, as they advocate for change.

Kenya Tuitakayo Nairobi charter has held peaceful demonstrations.

The latest one which was done on April 30, was disrupted by police batons and teargas who also arrested some of the activists.