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Religious leaders call for peace

[Power in the World Christian Church Bishop Samuel Omunyala. Photo/Ahmed Omar/July, 29, 2022].

A section of interfaith religious leaders in Mombasa County have urged political leaders to exercise restraint and embrace peaceful coexistence as the 2022 General Election nears.

Led by Bishop Samuel Omunyala and Ustadh Swaleh Mohammed, they noted that cases of violence are usually witnessed during the electioneering period.

The leaders raised concern that previous trends of electioneering violence may recur should the politicians fail to tolerate each other.

Addressing the media on sidelines of a community election peace forum organised by Power in the World Christian Church in Free Town, Nyali Sub County the clergy urged the politicians to preach peace and cohesion among Kenyans during their political gatherings.

They also want politicians who will lose in the elections to accept the voters’ verdict and work with the winners for the greater good of the nation.

The religious leaders termed peace and unity as the backbone of the country’s success and urged politicians to be at the forefront of preaching peace before, during and after elections.

Their sentiments were echoed by Sylvia Farah a Mombasa county peace ambassador who called on politicians to desist using the youths to cause chaos during elections.