Home News Remove KDF from Somali to tame terror attacks-Wetangula

Remove KDF from Somali to tame terror attacks-Wetangula

[Ford-Kenya Party leader and Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula addressing journalist in Mombasa. Photo/Davis Mbunga]

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula wants the government to retract and remove Kenya troops from Somali so as to safeguard the country.

Wetangula said that Kenya is at threat of being attacked by Al-Shabab and other terror networks following its stand on fighting Al-shabab inside their Somali territories.

Addressing journalists in Mombasa on Monday, Wetangula said that Kenyans are living in fear since they do not know when Al-shabab will strike again, urging the government to bow out from battling Al-shabab in Somalia.

The senate minority leader expressed concerns over the recent Dusit-D2 hotel attack in riverside, Nairobi saying that the series of terror attacks issued by Al-shabab should not be taken lightly.

The Ford-Kenya Party leader however appealed to Kenyan security details to change its tactics so as to safeguard Kenyans from terrorists.

He said that there is need for Kenyan security forces to implement better technology and use more sophisticated weapons while handling terrorists.

However, President Uhuru Kenyatta has in the past reiterated that Kenya will not relent in the fight against terrorism and will face Al-shabab head on.

He said that if Kenya bows out of the race, Somali will remain a battle field and will only escalate the number of refugees in the country.

The Dusit-D2 hotel sent Kenyans into panic especially after reports indicated that Al-shabab was targeting Mombasa before launching its attack in Nairobi.

However, details of where they were to launch the terror attack remain scanty.

In the 15th, January 2019 Dusit-D2 terror attack a total of 21 people perished.

More than 700 people were however rescued while those injured are still receiving urgent medical attention.