Home News Renowned mentor to unearth 4B Mombasa debt cause

Renowned mentor to unearth 4B Mombasa debt cause

[Renowned youth mentor Mahmoud Noor appointed to unearth Mombasa county financial crisis. Photo/Courtesy/Sept' 23 2022].

Renowned youth mentor Mahmoud Noor swung into action probing the cause of huge debts facing the Mombasa county government.

Mr Noor was appointed by Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir to Chair a special taskforce that will probe, analyse, deliberate and recommend to the governor possible areas of enhancement in a bid to tame financial constraints and encourage accountability.

While addressing the media in his office on Thursday, Nassir admitted that the county government is facing financial challenges, however, he reiterated his commitment in taming the situation and ensure proper county resources and financial management.

The Mombasa governor while appointing the taskforce on Thursday said all revenue aspects of the county government will be deeply checked into, properly analysed, with the relevant parties and experts fully engaged in ensuring there is seamless flow of revenue to the county.

“These efforts have been necessitated by the challenges encountered by the past county government, we want to ensure that we have a single point where all the revenues can be accounted for, our stakeholders in the business sector are fully involved and encouraged to pay taxes so that we thwart complaints of victimisation, harassment or exorbitant taxes,” he said.

Mombasa current debt stands at 4.46 billion shillings, the largest compared to other counties countrywide.

The finance taskforce will comprise of parties among them; the chamber of commerce, Mombasa chapter, The Kenya Revenue Authority, Law Society of Kenya, Certified Public Accountants, Business community and the Civil society.


Meanwhile, Nassir is also steadfast in streamlining the health sector and ensure that Mombasa residents access quality, adequate health services.

The parallel taskforce that is chaired by former Kenya Medical Practitioners Dentist Union (KMPDU) Secretary General Dr Chibanzi Mwachonda will be mandated to conduct a thorough inspection of the heath facilities within the entire Mombasa county, analyse the needs of the residents and of the health sector in terms of human resources, the needs and professionalism of the personnel in the sector among other critical aspects that needs urgent county government attention.

The Kenya Medical Association, National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Health volunteer appointed by the governor, Mombasa Health Department Chief officer, Public health Department Chief officer and the Civil society will constitute the health taskforce.

Both the taskforces will revert back to the governor within 30 days from today Friday the September, 23.

[Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir during the signing of the executive orders. Photo/Abbas Omar/Sept’ 09, 2022].

Nassir’s move has been seen as a well calculated one from a concerned and dedicated leader.

Various stakeholders have backed the move saying the Mombasa governor is on the right track in restructuring the once glittering county that is currently on its knees.

Mombasa residents and the civil society have urged Nassir to embrace an all-inclusive leadership so as to enable the county government serve Mombasa people indiscriminately in efforts to realise development.