Home News Revenue allocation breakthrough to enhance counties development agenda-Lamu Senator

Revenue allocation breakthrough to enhance counties development agenda-Lamu Senator


The recent breakthrough in the revenue allocation impasse will enhance smooth running of development projects in counties across the country.

The stalemate yielded alot of heated debate and to some extent affected the counties development agenda.

According to Lamu Senator Anuwar Loitiptip, the recent agreement between Senator will ensure no county looses money as earlier stipulated.

Mr. Anuwar noted that though the debated flopped for atleast ten times forcing the house to nominate 12 members to continue with deliberations, that finally yielded fruits.

Anuwar said the delay was triggered by the fact that some counties were to lose millions of shillings while others to gain more.

“We really argued on the basis of saving counties especially those marginalised and which were to lose alot of money,” noted Mr. Loitiptip.

He said the tough defense from some Senators from marginalised counties resulted into more gains.

“This is a win for Kenyans, Lamu county for example will gain 510 million shillings in the next financial year,” he said.

The Lamu Senator said the Senate would lose its meaning to Kenyans if it allowed such discriminatory bill to sail through the Senate.

He however urged Kenyans to closely monitor the use of money at county level so as to fight graft.

He said it is Kenyans responsibility to fight graft at all costs urging the county assemblies to properly play their monitoring roles.

He said the country is sinking into corruption while many Kenyans are suffering from lack of basic needs and services.

“If we all demand accountability from our leaders, we will all enjoy proper service delivery at grassroots level,” noted Mr. Loitiptip.

The youthful Lamu Senator has opposed to an announcement that all county operations be grounded for two weeks until counties receive their revenue share.

Loitiptip urged the treasury to ensure fast disbursement of funds to counties.