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Rights defenders blame police for extrajudicial killings

[MUHURI'S rapid response Officer Francis Auma at the Coast general morgue. Photo/ Mgandi Ngala]

A youth was on Monday executed by people believed to be Police officers at Mtongwe area in Likoni, Mombasa.

Maitha Omar, 21 was shot several times at a very close range on his head while taking breakfast at their home at Mtongwe in Likoni.

Mtongwe MCA Khamis Mwidani said that it was not yet clear why Omar was painfully executed.

On his part, Muslims for human rights –MUHURI Rapid response Officer Francis Auma said that Police are to blame for the series of killings in Mombasa.

Auma said that police should have arrested the young boy instead since he was unarmed and take the necessary measures of charging him before a court of law.

“The situation is getting out of hand, we have been urging the police to end this painful inhumane acts but all in vain,” said Auma at the Coast general hospital morgue.

He said that for the last three days five youth have been killed under unclear circumstances.

“What is wrong with arresting and charging a suspect before the court of law? Is it not clearly stipulated in the constitution?” posed Auma.

He said that extrajudicial killings have resurfaced and urged residents to remain vigilant and work closely with the human rights defenders as police have turned to be killers.

Auma said that it was almost impossible to differentiate between a criminal and a Police officer, a situation that has sent cold blood in the veins of locals.

“Five youth have been killed in a spark of only three days in Mombasa, this is very worrying and disturbing, we want police to stop this gross violation of human rights,” added Auma.

Last Friday three youth Bilal Masoud, 17, Kenga Ramadhan,19 and Juma Kitsao Kazungu 18 were executed in cold blood at Utange area in Kisauni.

However, Mombasa police commandant Johnston Ipara is not in admittance that police indeed executed Omar.