Home News Rights group call for in depth probe over death of Police officer.

Rights group call for in depth probe over death of Police officer.

[Benjamin Wafula Msimamizi katika hospitali ya Jocham. Picha/Maxwell Ngala]

Despite Jocham hospital defense over the cause of death of a police officer in Kisauni, rights groups have called for an in depth probe over the incident.

The human rights defenders led by Haki Africa said the slain police officer Njoroge Thuo according to Kisauni OCPD Sangura Msee would have survived if accorded the right and urgent medical attention by the hospital.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid termed the incident as very unfortunate and called on an in depth and open probe against the hospital health services to locals.

In a statement to newsrooms on Monday, Khalid said that right to health and urgent medical attention was indubitable as a basic right of every Kenyan including police officers and urged those mandated to immediately launch investigations to unleash what transpired and led to the death of Mr. Thuo.

“Msee is not mad to issue such sentiments, if there were delays or ignorance then let the law take its course, we are talking about life and nothing else,” he retorted.

Msee was earlier quoted saying that the hospital staff were asking a series of questions instead of admitting the police officer who was bleeding profusely.

“The hospital staff kept on enquiring and enquiring despite our officer being in very critical condition, they are actually the cause of his demise,” he said.

However, Joacham hospital Administrator Benjamin Wafula termed Msee’s remarks as reckless and that the hospital did its best to save his life.

He said that the hospital conducted an immediate first aid when Thuo was brought in without asking for his Identity card or NHIF card.

“It is through their order that the patient was transferred to Premium hospital which is said to have the best equipment to administer the patient,” added Mr. Wafula.

Mr. Thuo Was stabbed on the stomach by a gang at Magodoroni area in Kisauni while on normal security patrols. His death has elicited into a heated debate between the Joacham hospital administration, Kisauni OCPD Sangura Msee and human right defenders.