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Rights group want US Gov’t to act against ‘killer’ officers

[US Citizens protesting outside the US embassy in Nairobi on Tuesday. Photo/courtesy].

Kenya rights groups have joined world diplomats in pushing for justice for George Floyd.

Floyd was brutally murdered by Minneapolis police officers in May, 26.

The inhuman incident has sparked nationwide protests in the US for seven consecutive days.

The rights defenders led by Haki Africa condemned the killing terming it as gross human rights violation and extra judicial killing.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid urged the US government to ensure justice prevails.

“We know that America serves as an example and the single action may trickle down to other countries worldwide,” noted Mr. Khalid.

He appealed to US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter to pass the message to US government and specifically to US president Donald Trump.

“We are joining the world in calling for a cease in extra judicial killing and gross human rights violation in the US and the world,” noted Khalid.

On Tuesday, US nationals in Nairobi protested outside the US Embassy in Gigiri pushing for justice for Floyd.

Black lives matter

They chanted ‘Black lives matter’ slogans outside the Embassy.

America has for the last eight days witnessed nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd who despite cooperating during his arrest was suffocated to death by Minneapolis police officers.

[Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid. Photo/Atrash/Bwana].

On Tuesday an autopsy report indicated that Floyd died from lack of oxygen as a result of suffocation.

In a video, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in charge of Ramsey county Sheriff’s officer is seen pinning down Floyd by using his knee pressed on the neck.

Floyd is heard saying ‘I can’t breathe’ however the officer is pressing hard until Floyd takes his last breath.

The nationwide protests have been going on and knocked the doors of White house on Monday.

Us President Donald Trump imposed curfew that has already been met with strong resistance from protesters countrywide.