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Rights group wants community policing improved to tame insecurity

[Two suspects of 'Temeke' arrested during Old town security operation

Coast based Human rights groups are calling for revamping of Community policing program to curb rising insecurity in the region.

They have termed the program as effective if well handled and those directly in charge recognised.

Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid said the community policing program has not been well recognised despite efforts from those in charge to raise pertinent security issues to top security Bosses.

“Despite tireless efforts from those in charge of security at grassroots level, they not been accorded stipends and special identification cards,” noted Mr.Khalid.

He urged the government to review the positive outcomes of the program and upgrade it to enhance the fight against crime especially in Mombasa.

He said the juvenile criminal gangs can be easily tamed from at the grassroots by empowering community policing officers.

[Some of the weapons recovered from Old town suspects. Photo/Courtesy]

“However, this should not be a volunteer work but instead serious security assignment that should be rewarded at any time,” noted Mr.Khalid.

His sentiments come after successful security operation where leaders of the ‘Temeke’ criminal gang were netted at Kuze area in Old town, Mombasa.

Two main suspects were arrested and various dangerous weapons including machetes recovered in their hideout.

Drugs and mobile phones were also recovered from the suspects.

Khalid said if such security operations are enhanced and Police together with human rights activists and the community unite, security in Mombasa will prevail.

He has further urged security agents to step up security operations in the entire Mombasa County to curb rising insecurity.