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Rights lobby probes Mombasa MCA’s bribery claims


Human rights lobby Haki Africa will pursue bribery claims against Mombasa Members of the County Assembly during the adoption of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bill recently.

The human fights organisation says there are complaints from the public that the Ward representatives were bribed to unanimously pass the Constitution Amendment Bill, 2020.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid said the human rights Organisation will not take lightly such claims and will pursue, investigate and interrogate until all the claims are substanstiated.

He said the Members of the County assembly should take the lead role in fighting corruption and safeguard the will of the people.

“These bribery claims were reported to our Organisation from other various organisations and individuals from Mombasa County,” he said.

According to the Human rights defender, if the grassroots level of leadership fails, then it has no business staying in leadership but replaced.

“Not only in Mombasa but all MCA’s across the country must clearly understand and perform their duties properly as mandated by the constitution,” said Mr. Khalid.

He says the human rights organisation with the help of other independent institutions will conduct an in-depth and thorough probe against the bribery claims.

He asked Mombasa MCA’s to be very responsible and handle county matters that directly involved residents with respect, care and dedication.

Khalid’s concerns come after all Mombasa County Assembly Members adopted the BBI bill.

They joined all other 5 Coast region County Assemblies that also adopted the Bill.

The MCA’s have been promised a 2 million shillings car grant, clearly induced to back the Constitution Amendment Bill, 2020.

However, Mombasa County Assembly Speaker Aharub Khatri ruled out the bribery claims saying the Mombasa MCA’s passed the bill because of its viable contents.

“As Mombasa County, we will hugely benefit from the county revenue allocation increment from 15 percent to 35%,” he told told journalists in Mombasa.