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Road safety campaign enhanced ahead of festive season

[Coast NTSA Boss Eve Nyawira. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and the National Police Service (NPS) have jointly launched a road safety campaign in the Coast region to reign in drivers who run afoul of the law.

The joint operation that kicked off this week will run through to the Christmas and the New Year holidays as it is a time of increased holiday and commercial activities.

NTSA Coast Regional Manager Eva Nyawira and Coast Regional Police Commander Manasseh Musyoka said there is need for enhanced road safety campaigns during the December and New Year holidays.

The purpose of the renewed campaign is to improve road safety, reduce the number of serious traffic crash incidents and generally provide a safer environment for all the road users.

The two implored road users to be festive but not fatal during the festive season to avoid tragedies.

Nyawira said this time of the year calls for heightened vigilance as it is a busy time on the roads as families and holidaymakers both domestic and foreign travel to and from various destinations to the Coastal region.

“We would like to remind all that road safety is everyone’s responsibility and road users should simply abide by the road rules,” she said.

She called on drivers to be courteous and show tolerance to other road users such as motorcyclists and pedestrians as doing so would contribute in ensuring everyone reaches their destinations safely.

“We have to share our roads and what that means is that drivers should always be courteous and observe speed limits for their own safety and the safety of others,” she said.

Nyawira said NTSA and NPS statistics usually show that motorcyclists and pedestrians are the most affected road users and their joint effort is a ‘simple and timely reminder for all to take care on the roads’.

On his part, Mr Musyoka said police will be increasing its visibility on the roads and mounting checkpoints to crackdown on drunk driving, distracted driving and speeding.

He said as part of the road safety campaign police will be increasing their presence on major roads and enforcement of drunk driving, speeding, seat belts for public service vehicles and fatigue especially for long-haul truck drivers.

[Coast Regional Police Boss Manasse Musyoka. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The police chief said it is the responsibility of every driver and passenger to ensure roads remain safe and that motorists avoid over speeding and not to drive under the influence of alcohol.

“Keeping our roads safe is our top priority year-round and especially the festive periods, our clarion call is, please don’t drink and drive,” he appealed.