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Ruto promises an overhaul of the Coast economy


The Deputy President William Ruto has promised the Coast region a major economic overhaul when he clinches the presidency come 2022 general polls.

While gracing the Coast Economic Regeneration Forum at Kikambala in Kilifi County on Saturday, Ruto termed the forum as a ‘fresh start’ since the whole process will be a Coastal people driven economic plan.

During the forum that involved economic experts and leaders drawn from the six Coastal counties, Ruto said it is the time for a ‘Bottom-up’ economic approach.

The DP said the Coast region should take the lead role in championing for a revamp of the Coast economy and ensure all Coast people directly benefit.

“The Coast region has all the economy experts, educated people, and dedicated leaders to enable us realise a different rich region,” said the DP.

According to the Deputy President, the tourism, Agriculture, Maritime, Transport among other vast sectors of the economy within the Coast region should be prioritized.

“The bottom-up economic approach will face-lift small businesses thus creating more jobs, cut poverty levels and generally benefit the Coastal people,” said the DP.

Ruto urged those spearheading the Coast economy revamp process to remain focused and ensure a realization of the Coast region Blue Print.

Ruto reiterated that the ‘Hustler nation’ is the only hope for Kenyans as it will play a game changer role in the country’s economy.

He appealed for unity  and support from the Coastal people in his quest for the top seat in the 2022 political battle.

The Deputy president reiterated that the ‘Hustler nation’ is unstoppable, urging the entire Coast region to join hands in ensuring that they fully attain their objectives of a fresh dedicated leadership for the country.

“We all clearly understand what our focus is,  ensuring small businesses grow on equal share of entrepreneurship opportunities and we will stick by that under the Bottom-up economy approach,” said DP Ruto.