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Scaling up fight against crime



Newly posted Coast Regional Coordinator Bernard Leparmarai has asked security chiefs in the region to devise new strategies and intensify their fight against crime.

He said narcotic trafficking and use of illicit drugs is on the rise and asked the police to take hard-line action on drugs.

Leparmarai asked the security apparatus to take tough stance against narcotic drug trafficking, illegal brews, Shisha smoking dens and illegal gambling dens.

The regional boss was addressing security chiefs drawn from across Mombasa at his boardroom and asked them to neutralize crime gangs in their jurisdiction.

He said the meeting was convened to discuss how to deal with crimes such as terrorism, drug trafficking, illicit brews to foster peace and security in the region.

Shisha smoking has recently been outlawed by the ministry of health to stop the rising cases non-communicable diseases like cancer and heart problems caused by tobacco laced with narcotics.

‘We need to enforce the ban on shisha’ he said and urged the public to cooperate with the security agencies to deter crime.

The administrator said that most of the youth have been addicted to gambling, hence cannot concentrate on nation-building activities.

Leparmarai expressed concern about addiction to hard drugs by young people in the coastal city and said this could not continue.

‘We must get serious with our work and ensure that we arrest and bring to book those engaged in the illicit trade that is turning the youth into zombies’ he said.

The administrator said his office is ready to give the security officers the support they need in stamping out crime in all its manifestations.