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Schools unrest? Laxity in Education Ministry- KNUT

[KNUT Secretary general Wilson Sossion in a past event. photo/ courtesy]

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has bashed the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for its laxity in handling the school unrest menace currently experienced countrywide.

In a letter addressed to the National Assembly Clerk Michael Sialai and copied to the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education Science and Technology Dr. Amina Mohamed, The giant Teachers Union has blamed the Ministry for taking a back seat and doing less to contain the unrests in secondary schools.

“Despite having put in place radical measures to contain the unrests and destruction of school properties, the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST) has remained tight-lipped on the ongoing school fires razing down dormitories and other school properties,” Read part of the letter.

Through its Secretary General Wilson Sossion, the Union argued that given the magnitude of the matter at hand the Ministry should have been waded beyond implementing safety measures as well as cracking the whip on the culprits.

The public secondary school unrests in their current form have raised serious concerns over the safety of students, teachers, Non-Teaching Staff and the immediate neighbours of the affected schools.

It has also put parents and guardians in an awkward position whereby they are expected to meet the costs of reconstruction works and buying teaching/learning tools which have either been looted or destroyed by rioting students.

So far, records indicate that between 1st June and 20th July, 2018 over 70 secondary schools had experienced unrest, with at least 50 reported fire incidences.

According to KNUT’s research done during the same period, there is misleading information as well as fiction surrounding the school unrests that have been portrayed by many which proved otherwise based on the facts garnered in the findings.

The research pointed that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST) is to blame on how the boarding schools are run and not the students or teachers as they have categorized them to be the same irrespective of location, facilities and staff.

Other factors captured in the report that highlight causes of school unrests include Delocalization, diminishing roles of teachers in schools, local communities not consulted on key decisions by the ministry and TSC, poor school management practices, poor parenting and delayed disbursement of Free Secondary Education Funds among others.