Home News Security beefed up in Mombasa during long holidays

Security beefed up in Mombasa during long holidays

[Mombasa County Commissioner Evans Achoki. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Security agents in Mombasa are on high alert to effectively deter crime and terrorist activities as the November-December lengthy school holiday kicks in.

As thousand of holidaymakers flock to the pristine sandy beaches in Mombasa, the visitors are being encouraged to be updated on basic water safety precautions.

Mombasa County Commissioner Evans Achoki says the government has taken steps to strengthen safety and security of the public during the long holiday.

Mr. Achoki said security checks at airports, ferry services, shopping malls and public beaches have been stepped up.

He said security patrols has been intensified in all tourist attraction sites and warned that those planning to take advantage of the long holidays to engage in criminal activities would face the full force of the law.

The administrator also asked tourist hotels to step up their security measures during the December peak holiday season to ensure safety of their guests.

He said many domestic tourists come with their families from Nairobi, Kisumu and Nakuru to Mombasa to take advantage of the end of the year holidays.

“Most of the visitors end up on the beaches to swim” he said adding that no children would be allowed near the beaches after dark for their own safety and security.

Mr. Achoki said the Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) would be roped in to construct lifesaver watchtowers as the region prepares for large crowds at the public beaches.

He said the watchtowers would be designed to enhance beach safety, giving lifesavers an unimpeded view of the ocean making it easier to spot swimmers in trouble and prevent drowning.

Mombasa is a preferred holiday destination for domestic and foreign visitors eager to savour its pristine sandy beaches and tropical ambiance.