Home News Share Easter with the needy in the society, Christian urged

Share Easter with the needy in the society, Christian urged

[Mombasa Archdiocese Archbishop Martin Kivuva. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Catholic faithfuls have been asked to abide by the holy bible and religious teachings by sharing with the needy in the society during Easter celebrations.

While giving a summon at the Holy Ghost cathedral church in Mombasa His grace Mombasa Archdiocese Archbishop Martin Kivuva said that Christians have major role to play by following the teachings of the Catholic church and that Easter should be a turn around for every believer.

He said by spending time with the less fortunate in the society, orphans, widows, prisoners among others catholic faithful were embracing the real meaning of Easter.

Bishop Kivuva appealed to the congregation to pray for the country and for their leaders so that the nation remains peaceful.

“As we celebrate Easter, let’s pray for our political leaders so that they do not plunge the country into chaos, political and tribal divisions,” noted the Archbishop.

He thwarted divisive politics practiced by political leaders countrywide.

Kivuva also sent an appeal to the Coastal youth to celebrate Easter without indulging in irresponsible behaviors that can be detrimental to their dreams.

“We all understand how vulnerable our youths are, we should tirelessly guide them to the right path,” he reiterated.

He urged security agents and disaster response teams to enhance patrols at Shelly and Jomo Kenyatta public beaches where locals flock in during celebrations to avert any emergencies.