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Shut down Darushifa, Mustaqim rehabs, Government told

[Reachout Center Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman. Photo/Tom Fondo]

The government has been asked to immediately shut down Darushifa and Mustaqim rehabilitation centers in Eastleigh area within Nairobi after a BBC expose that showed gross human rights violation.

Anti-drug activists from the Coast region said that the physical abuse of minors and other people treated as inmates in the two drug rehabilitation centre was both psychological and emotional hurting and that the government should immediately arrest all the administrators of the two rehabilitation centers.

The Jamal Osman’s investigative report has since sent cold blood into the nerves of anti drug activists in the country among them renowned anti-drug Czar at the Coast Taib Abdulrahman who pushed for urgent investigations against all those involved in the inhumane act.

“I am very disappointed, it was so heartbreaking and there is nothing to debate about but instead rescue the minors and shut down both purported drug rehabilitation centers,” said a sad Taib.

He compared the two rehabilitation centers of Darushifa and Mustaqim to maximum prisons and not a conducive place where a drug user is offered counseling services, detoxification, treatment and reintegration.

Reachout Centre Trust operates two rehabilitation centers at Kona ya Mtongwe main rehabilitation centre in Likoni and the Shelly beach road Half-way house rehabilitation center where recovery drug users are equipped with skills to initiate income generating activities.

“It is totally inhumane for one to violate against someone’s right, the constitution is very clear and since NACADA is aware of the matter as well as the top security agents then nothing should be left unturned,” charged Mr. Taib.

The BBC investigative feature which aired under the ‘African eye’ segment showed some women who are not drug users locked up in a small room for allegations of disrespecting their husbands.

All the administrators, senior staff and the drug users are of the Somali origin. Ismail Mohammed who manages Darushifa rehabilitation centre in Eastleigh, Nairobi did not accord the BBC Investigative reporter an interview.

The expose mostly shows a minor being beaten senselessly and forced to take a drink that make them vomit as the first punishment when one is registered in the centers.