Home News Shut quarries to curb crime in Mombasa- Haki Africa

Shut quarries to curb crime in Mombasa- Haki Africa

[Haki Africa rapid response Officer Hezron Mathias Shipetta. Photo/courtesy]

Human rights lobby Haki Africa is calling for immediate closure of all quarries in Mombasa saying they have contributed to the rise in crime in the county.

Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Hezron Mathias Shipetta said since the beginning of the year, criminal gangs have waylaid locals living near the quarries attacking, injuring and killing them.

Shipetta said that the recent incident was that of Harry Sambu, 35, a hawker at Mackinon market who disappeared in December 29th last year only for his body to be recovered at a quarry in Bombolulu area in Nyali Constituency.

Shipetta asked the Mombasa County Police commandant Johnston Ipara to take urgent action to curb the crime wave in the County.

“If these quarries cannot be changed into useful income generating projects for the community they should be closed,” added Shipetta.

He singled out Kisauni and Nyali Constituencies as the most affected by the wave of crime where gangs hiding in the quarries attack locals, killing them and dumping their bodies in such quarries.

“We have recorded various heartbreaking incidences in Kisauni, Bombolulu and Likoni, where abandoned quarries have turned out to be hideouts for criminal gangs,” he added.

He appealed to Mr. Ipara to address the security concern immediately so that locals living near such quarries are secured.

He further urged the Mombasa County environment department to also conduct inspection in the quarries and take necessary measures.

He said apart from the quarries posing environmental threat they have sent locals into panic as gangs plan and execute attacks in those quarries.