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Solve human-wildlife conflict in Kinango KWS urged

[Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid. Photo/Pauline Kwamboka]

Human rights activists have called for an amicably solution to the witnessed human-wildlife conflict in Kinango, Kwale County.

Rights lobby Haki Africa Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid said it is a total shame for Kenya Wildlife Service to remain mum while the situation worsens.


According to Khalid, KWS must urgently address the dangerous situation and quell the conflict that has sent local into panic.

He scoffed at the Tourism and wildlife Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala for not bothering while elephants raid homes in Kinango.

“Over two months now and the government has chose to ignore the cry, we will not tolerate such laxity,” added Khalid.


The elephants walked out of Tsavo East National park in such for water.

Earlier, the government said efforts to return the wild animals into the park were ongoing however, the efforts seem to yield nothing.

“Are we waiting for deaths before we act, as human rights we demand urgent action on this matter,” charged the human rights defender.

Bofu, samburu, Taru, Egu, chilibasi and Mackinon Road are the most affected by the menace and local have urged Kwale county government to intervene.

“The elephants have destroyed all our crops after all the work we did in our Shambas, what’s the work of KWS?” posed Francis Mgandi, an affected local at Taru.