Home News Sombre mood as Muslim scholar is laid to rest

Sombre mood as Muslim scholar is laid to rest

[Mufti Shaban Abdu Musa burial. Photo/Courtesy].

Somber mood engulfed the Muslim faithful in Mombasa during the burial of a renowned Muslim scholar and preacher Mufti Shaban Abdallah Musa.

The casket left the Qadiria mosque in Mwandoni Kisauni where the faithful accompanied it walking on foot from Kisauni through to Kongowea Qadiria mosque where he preached, crossed the Nyali bridge to Bondeni within Mombasa Island.

They carried the casket referred to as Janaza to Masjid Noor in Bondeni before he was buried at the Kikowani Muslim cemetery.

Touched hearts

Locals showered the late with praises following his major role in guiding the youth towards the right path. He once played an intermediate role when Mombasa experienced growing religious hatred between Muslims and Christians back in 2014.

Mufti Shaban united the community and always remained vocal on matters revolving around the community urging people to embrace harmony and discard religious hatred.

He gnashed those luring the youth into violent extremism, a legacy the community across the region and specifically at his home county, Lamu and Mombasa will remember him for.


Mufti Shaban was choked when he was having breakfast at Shellah hotel in Lamu on Monday.

He was unconscious and died a few minutes later right inside the hotel, a situation that shocked some of the people who had accompanied him as well as the workers at the hotel.

[The late Mufti Shaban Abdu Musa. Photo/Courtesy].

He played a major role in the preparations of religious programs at a leading Islamic Coast-based radio station, Radio Rahma.

His body was airlifted to Mombasa and later his Mwandoni home in Kisauni.

He was buried on Tuesday after the 1 pm prayers.