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Sponsor drug users for rehabilitation during Ramadan-Taib


By; Mgandi Ngala


An Anti-drug activist at the Coast has appealed to Muslim faithful to help fighting drug abuse in the region by sponsoring drug users for a full rehabilitation program.

Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said that by sponsoring drug users, Muslim faithful will have positively impacted the society by safeguarding the lives of vulnerable youth at the Coast.

Taib said though most youth were willing to stop abusing drugs, most of them could not afford rehabilitation costs as the public rehabilitation center at the Coast general hospital was shut down three years ago.

The renowned anti-drug activist in the country said that drug abuse among the youth in the region was a major social, health and security problem and all efforts were needed to extricate the menace.

He said that the organization has tried its level best in waving off the cost for some of the drug users but the facility at Mtongwe on the Mainland south of Mombasa could not accommodate bigger number.

“We are not only sending an appeal to our Muslims brothers and sisters but our politicians too who fully understand the immense of the drug abuse problem among the youth in the region,” he said.

Taib said that for the last 15 years, Reachout has managed to help over 900 drugs users fully recover and opened a new chapter in their lives.

“It’s not an easy task to help out one who has been abusing drugs for over 10 years, it is a process that is why we are calling on our Muslims and Non Muslim brothers and sisters to come forward and assist us attain this noble objective,” noted the Anti-drug abuse icon at the Coast.

The only public Methadone clinic managed by Mombasa County government and located at Bombolulu area according to Taib cannot accommodate the large number of drug users in Mombasa, leave alone from the whole of Coast region.