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Alikiba makes his debut for Coastal Union fc


We all know him by his catchy tunes and music prowess when it comes to singing those high notes, but did you know Alikiba can play football?

Really? oh yes you heard me right Alikiba can play and play well for that matter.

With famous hits like Mwana, Chekecha and even Seduce Me, the Tanzania sensational musician made a bold step in venturing into football and even signed a non-payable one year contract with Coastal Union FC sometimes in June this year. The contract with Coastal Union does not bar him from doing his music or going on tours to perform.

Alikiba’s dream of becoming a professional footballer finally came to life after the coach decided to field him for the club’s game against Mbeya city at Mkwakwan Stadium, Tanga Sunday.

[Bongo star Alikiba during his debut match against Mbeya City. photo/courtesy]
Coastal Union played its first game of the season on August 22nd but Alikiba didn’t play in that game.

The 31 year-old musician/player made his debut with a 1-1 draw after missing 15 matches since the new season 2018/2019 started. King Kiba as referred by some of his fans, showed impeccable skills donning the number 7 jersey.

Kiba has made his name in East Africa as one of the top bongo artists with well paying endorsements under his belt.