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Build stadia but nurture talents to use them, Mombasa County gov’t urged

[Hilmi Ali,, Vice Chairperson Kenya Basketball federation. Photo/Tom Fondo]


Mombasa County government has been challenged to not only construct stadia but also nurture youth to constructively play in them to embrace sports for development.

The county government has been further tasked to invest more on sports for development to ensure that youth in the county develop their talents and directly benefits from them in future.

Speaking at the KPA Makande social welfare hall during the ‘3 on 3 Basketball tournament’ that attracted a total of 50 teams and over 200 youths the National Vice chairman Kenya Basketball Federation Hilmi Ali said that despite having vast sports talents at the Coast and specifically in Mombasa there has been less efforts in uplifting the game to the required standards.

According to Mr. Hilmi, the county has been focusing more on play grounds leaving out the important component of youth who should play in such stadia a situation that according to the Basketball legend needs an urgent remedy.

He said that if the County department of Gender, youth and sports wants to revamp and uplift the vast talented youth, it should change the focus from constructing stadia to molding the youth.

“We have not felt the county presence in serious sports activities not only basketball but all other disciplines, we should deliberate on this issues so that we balance the levels between the playgrounds and the players,” retorted Mr. Ali.

He called for an urgent meeting early January next year with the County Executive member in charge of Gender, youth and sports Munywoki Kyalo so that sports issue can be adequately addressed.

“Our youth should not be spectators when it comes to sports activities and serious competitions while teams from Nairobi and even Dar-es-Salaam come to play in our basketball courts or stadia, we should mold our youth to become international basketball or sports icons,” noted Mr, Ali.

Hilmi said that Basketball was being slowly recognized and many youth were embracing it.

He however urged them to put more efforts so that they can compete with other national and international teams.

He admitted that sports was very instrumental in deterring youth from doing drugs and engaging in to the social vices in the society.

The two day ‘3 on 3 basketball tournament is sponsored by anti drug lobby Reachout Centre Trust.