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Jomvu youth embrace sports to tame crime

[The Awarding ceremony of winners. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Mikindani Member of Mombasa County Assembly Juma Renson Thoya has sponsored checker sporting activity across Jomvu Constituency that is bearing fruit from reduced criminal incidences often attributed to idleness, drugs and alcoholism.

The sports activities cut across all ages and gender with elderly engaging in sponsored street checkers and the youth in soccer, athletics and field games where winners are awarded cash money, trophies and medallions.

Thoya said after sponsoring football tournaments across the ward, he later decided to initiate a local draft game competition in the whole Jomvu constituency.

He says the draft initiative is a platform to bring the elderly and youth together to provide leadership to the young generation and at the same time revive the traditional checker game which has been losing popularity among the youth.

“Sports keep the youth together, busy and happy for free avoiding bad companies that encourage spending while many are jobless. I came up with the idea to salvage the youth from idling which brings the temptation to drugs and criminal activities to sustain the lifestyle which is costly.” Said the MCA.


He added that he has contacted numerous potential partners to better the sponsorships where top three winners and all participants will walk home with rewards.

70 years old Makinika draft club Chairman in Vikobani village Kigumu Gogolo said the tournament provide a platform for youth mentorship from his village.

Kigumu alluded to sports having reduced the number of idle youth from the streets where they engage in sports keeping them busy and confining them to one area where they are easily traceable and monitored.

The one week long tournament had attracted 20 checker teams drawn from Jomvu constituency.

Makinika draft club emerged the winner with 50 points, followed by Jomvu Madukani draft club with 43 points and the third position went to Sakina draft club with 27 points.

The club winner of the tournament was awarded 5000 shillings, medal and a trophy; the second position club was awarded 3000 shillings, a medal and a trophy while the third position club went home with 2000 shillings, a medal and a trophy.