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‘Say no to drugs, yes to sports, anti- drug Czar tells youth

[Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman. Photo/ Tom Fondo]


Youth in Mombasa have been encouraged to embrace sports during the long holidays and deter from engaging in drug use.

Reachout Centre Trust an anti-drug lobby based at the Coast is engaging Mombasa County youth in a series of sports activities in a bid to dislodge them from the negative impact of drug use and HIV prevalence.

Addressing the youth at KPA Makande Welfare social hall during the launch of the ‘3 on 3 basketball tournament’ that is comprising of 32 basket ball teams from all the six Mombasa Sub Counties, Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said that the youth if encouraged to venture into sports they will not indulge in drugs.

He said that youth not only in Mombasa but all over the Coast region were vulnerable to drugs and HIV adding that it was inevitable for stakeholders to unite in deliberating on how they will use sports in fighting drugs.

“It is evident that sports has proved to be very useful tool in containing drug use among the youth in the region, we need to expand this phenomena so that we can reach as many youth as possible in fighting drug use,” he added.

Mr. Taib said that most youth in the county were talented but missed moral guidance and support in nurturing their talents so that they can earn from them.

“We must revamp the situation for good, we have vast talented youth whom if we nurture well we will not speak about drug use as a social problem,” he noted.

The anti- drug Czar however urged other stakeholders to work towards eliminating the harmful effects of drug use, HIV and always guide youth to the right path.

He appealed for more support so as that the ‘No to drugs yes to sports, initiative can benefit more youth not only in Mombasa but the entire Coast region.

The finals of ‘3 on 3 Basketball tournament’ that has attracted over 200 talented youth will be conducted on Sunday and the winners awarded.