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Thieves rob FKF Mombasa sub branch office

A bizzare incident rocked FKF Mombasa Sub Branch office when it was raided by unknown burglars and stole valuables worth thousands of shillings.
This happened yesterday Thursday November 1’st 2018.
In what appears to be an inside job the FKF Mombasa Sub Branch Chairman Goshi Juma Alliy, said the thieves stole laptop, desk top, CPU and other valuables in broad daylight.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the thieves cleared the office shelves and club files were found missing.

The crafty thieves later managed to replace the office  padlock with their own padlock before vanishing in thin air drawing a comparison to the folklore of Ali Baba thieves.

‘’Comrades, Our office has been broken and gangsters have stolen laptop, desk top, CPU. All our soft documents are lost and vital information no more’’ read a message from Goshi in a section of the social media.

At the time of the robbery the office staff were reported to have left the office locked to attend a tournament at Mombasa Sports Club.

This is the first  time the office has been raided since the FKF Sub branch elections held in December 2015 and which ushered team Goshi.

Prior to the elections, the office was shared between the FKF Mombasa Sub Branch and the FKF South Coast Branch.

The last time the office was raided was in December  2012 at the height of soccer wrangles  whereby the then FKF Coast NEC Member Hussein Swaleh aka Terry led a section of  disgruntled clubs in abortive attempt to take over the office by force from the control of the South Coast branch office led by former chairman Hamisi Mwayoyo.

The incident was reported to Makupa Police Station by the Branch CEO Sumba Bwire but after reconciliation effort by the OCS, Makupa Police the South Coast Branch office abandoned the matter.

FKF Mombasa Sub Branch office is located opposite the Mombasa County Stadium along Mohammed Kheri street.