Home News Staff flee after protestors storm Mazeras water unit

Staff flee after protestors storm Mazeras water unit

[Locals led by former nominated Senator Emma Mbura (in front) protesting water scarcity in Rabai, Kilifi. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Rabai residents have stormed the Bulk Water Unit of the Coast Water Works Development Agency in Mazeras protesting perennial water shortage.

The residents, led by activist and former Nominated Senator Emma Mbura, said they have not received water in their taps for the last three months.

“All this while they still bring us monthly bills amounting to 4,000 shillings. Are we paying for air?” posed Mbura.

Mbura said while there is no water in the residents’ taps, water bowsers get water daily from the Mabirikani pump station and they are buying a 20 litre jerrican at 100 shillings from water vendors.

“There is always running water in the taps in their offices. Where do they get this water from? Are we second class citizens?” said Mbura.

‘Monkey’ business

Water bowser seen fetching water at Mabirikani on Wednesday had to speed off fearing attacks from angry protestors.

The residents said politicians, senior Coast Water Works Development Works and Water Service Providers collude to create artificial water scarcity so they can buy water and sell to residents.

The protestors opened the tap at Mabirikani pump station, bathing and washing their motorcycles using the water that was gushing out, while chanting victory songs.

At the Bulk Water Unit offices, an officer identified as Harrison Maro had a difficult time controlling the protestors, who demanded to speak to the manager.

Maro’s pleas for calm fell on deaf ears, forcing him to call for reinforcement.

However, a police officer manning the offices also failed to calm the angry protestors.

No bathing

“We are not here to cause any trouble. We only want explanations from this office, why we have water scarcity while we see water bowsers get water from here which they sell to us at exorbitant prices,” said Sammy Kavutsu.

Kavutsu said with no water, Rabai residents are at greater risk of contracting Covid-19 because they cannot adhere to hygiene rules.

[Locals led by former Nominated Senator Emma Mbura (close left) taking bath. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

“Children go to school and cannot wash their hands. This is dangerous for their lives,” said Kavutsu.

Festus Kenga, a bodaboda rider, said most of them lose clients because they smell. “We cannot bathe. There is no water to bathe. We cannot wash our clothes. Clients run away from us,” said Kenga.