Home News Stay put, don’t be evicted from your land- Dhadho tell locals

Stay put, don’t be evicted from your land- Dhadho tell locals

[Tana River Governor Major Retired Dhadho Godhana. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Madogo residents in Tana North, Tana River County have been asked not to leave their ancestral land after a notice from the government that ordered them to vacate the land.

Tana River Governor Major Retired Dhadho Godhana told Madogo Ward residents that they should never move out of the land and that they should ignore the alleged notice issued to them by the central government.

Godhana said that there were no tangible reasons issued by the National Youth Service leadership to evict Madogo residents and the locals should stay put as the issue was being deliberated at the national level.

“The matter is being handled by the Ministry of lands and the Office of the President, locals should dispel fears,” the Governor assured the residents.

He said that a multi -million market constructed at Madogo had accommodated many traders.

“Demolishing such important facility which has enable traders conduct their businesses is simply inviting poverty in our County, we are not giving in to such attempts,” added the County Chief.

The National government wants to acquire Madogo land so as to initiate NYS permanent camp, however Major Retired Godhana has appealed to the government to acquire non-residential parcel of land for the project.

Meanwhile, Dhadho has ordered all those who acquired land illegally within Tana River County to appear before the County government offices with all their documents.

Dhadho said that all those who acquired parcels of land under dubious means should surrender them to the County government or their structures reduced to rubbles.