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Stop employment discrimination against Coast youth – activist

[Youth activist Mohammed Khatib. Photo/Bakari Ali].

Youth activists are once again asking the government to fully involve them in public employment opportunities.

The youth have said both the national and the county government have discriminated the Coastal youth in various employment opportunities.

According to youth activist Mohammed Khatib, despite Coastal youth raising such demands, their cry has yielded nothing.

He said Coastal youth should be prioritised in all the employment opportunities and any other initiatives so that they upkeep their lives.


“It is shameful when a whole public officer says Coastal youth are locked out of job opportunities in the marine sector because they lack English skills,” noted Mr. Khatib.

He said such detrimental sentiments should not come out of a public officer but instead the same officer should initiate measures to quell the problem.

“In fact the government should put in public a list of all beneficiaries of the maritime job opportunities in the country and abroad so that we can confirm any beneficiary from the Coast,” he noted.

He said despite having all the local resources, Coastal youth are languishing in poverty since the resources have benefited youth from other parts of the country leaving the natives.


Mr. Khatib said Coastal youth have been struggling to make ends meet despite having qualified in various disciplines.

He appealed to the Coastal leaders to take the lead role in securing the future of their youth and not playing political rhetoric.

His sentiments come barely two day after a section of youth staged a protest in Mombasa demanding the resignation of Shipping and Maritime Principal secretary Nancy Karigithu.

Karigithu was quoted in one of the dailies saying Coastal youth missed out on various employment opportunities because they lacked English skills.