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Stop massaging graft, government told

[MUHURI's Chairperson Khelef Khalifa addressing the press in his office in Mombasa.Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

The government has been criticized for taking low steps in containing graft in the country.

Human rights lobby, Muslims for human rights-MUHURI has expressed its dissatisfaction over the manner in which the government has been handling corruption issue in the country and challenged it to show more interest and zeal in curbing the economic problem.

MUHURI’s Chairperson Khelef Khalifa said that there has been nothing tangible to convince Kenyans that indeed the government was serious in taming corruption in the country.

He said that most of the suspects have been jumping from one position to the other with the president appointing them to lead various government departments and ministries.

Khalifa said that the government needs to come out clearly and show Kenyans that undeniably it was serious in fighting corruption in the country.

“Until we see Cabinet secretaries implicated in corruption are behind bars, that’s when we will be convinced that there is political will to end graft in the country,” said Mr. Khalifa.

He revealed that the government has been very lenient in punishing those indulging in economic crimes.

“I think the President is only massaging corruption issue, he should not wait but send packing any government official implicated in corruption,” said Khalifa.

The human rights icon said that Kenyans are tired seeing the bitter truth where cartels have mastered the graft game.

He however said that the current Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Hajj needed fully backing from the President and other public institutions to enable him make a positive impact in the fight against graft in the country.

“Without the political will, zeal and support, the DPP’s efforts will yield totally nothing,” noted Mr. Khalifa.

The human rights activist also appealed to Kenyans to fight graft at their locality and ensure that they question their County activities at all levels so as to curb squandering of public funds.