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Stop stigmatising COVID-19 recovering patients

[Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Coast regional coordinator John Elungata has cautioned locals against discriminating people who have recovered from Coronavirus.

Elungata said locals fear people affected by Coronavirus and who have since recovered from the disease.

According to Elungata people who have fully recovered from the disease should be helped carry on with their daily activities back at home.

He said the disease should not break families urging family members to show love and help them recover psychologically.

“Coronavirus virus is a disease and not a death sentence, do not discriminate the recoveries,” noted Mr. Elungata.

Health measures

He urged locals to observe all health and safety regulations so as to avert the spread of Coronavirus disease.

“By wearing face masks, washing your hands regularly and maintaining physical distance you are not only protecting yourself against the virus but also protecting those surrounding you,” he said.

The Coast regional Commissioner urged locals to always ensure they report any suspected Coronavirus case immediately.

Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi Counties in the Coast region have been marked as hot spots for Covid-19 disease.

The government recently imposed a restriction of movement to Old town residents in Mombasa following soaring numbers of Coronavirus disease.