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Students leaders urge DP to intervene on attachment challenges


University student leaders at the Coast have appealed to Deputy President William Ruto to intervene and quell the challenges facing students when seeking industrial attachment and internships in government parastatals.

The student leaders while meeting the DP in Mombasa cited discrimination against Coast University students when seeking industrial attachment, especially in public bodies.

Led by students and youth leader Junaid Feisal, the students said many have failed to graduate because of such challenges urging the DP to intervene and quell the problem.

Mr. Feisal said public organizations in the region have neglected the Coastal youth who are struggling to acquire skills so that they can effectively compete with their colleague not only from other parts of the country but worldwide.

“This is just one of our many concerns, why is it hectic for a student to secure industrial attachment from public bodies and parastatals, are these institutions not under the same government?” posed Mr. Feisal.

He also proposed that students enrolled in both public and private organizations be given monthly allowance following drastic economic effects.

“Our colleagues are struggling to get a higher education, the government should also lend a hand so that these students achieve their goals in life,” reiterated Feisal.

His sentiments were backed by Coast University Student Association Secretary-General Edwin Shamir who said Coast University students should be accorded the much-needed assistance so that they gain the required skills for the market.

“We appreciate DP Ruto for lending us his time and ears, this is a serious concern that we Coast University Students need to be addressed,” said Shamir.

In the round table meeting that was also attended by Nyali MP Mohammed Ali, DP Ruto assured the student’s leaders that all their concerns are relevant and he will walk with them in solving all the challenges.

The DP said matters revolving around education should not be underrated, urging the student leaders to remain focused on working out various strategies to solve the issues concerning industrial attachments and internships.

“I will be back in the region soon so that we deliberate in-depth and streamline all these concerns, let’s work in unison on this particular issue,” the DP assured the University students leaders.