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Support youth groups engaging in garbage collection

[MV-CODE Patron Taib Abdulrahman (Right) and Hassan Omar Abdallah (Left) during the cleanup exercise conducted over the weekend. Photo/MV-CODE]

Locals living in Majengo area within Mvita Sub County, Mombasa have been challenged to support youth groups engaging in garbage collections in the area.

During a cleanup exercise organised by a Community based organisation MV- CODE, the community was asked to support youth groups as they were on a noble course of ensuring improved sanitation in residential areas.

MV-CODE Patron Taib Abdulrahman said that the youth if fully supported will deter from drug use and crime.

While addressing locals during the cleanup exercise at Majengo, Mr. Taib said that environmental cleanliness and general sanitation in the area was very important and needed a communal engagement.

He appealed to locals to embrace sanitation in their residential areas to prevent disease outbreaks that may be caused by poor sanitation.

He said that locals have failed in managing their own home refuse leading to dirty environment and blockage of most sewer systems in the area.

“This exercise will be conducted periodically to also help spread environmental awareness to locals in Majengo and its environs,” he said.

On her part, Majengo community health unit Officer in charge Catherine Ochieng’ said that as Community extension health workers they are conducting inspection exercises in all residential areas within Majengo so that they deter locals from carelessly littering around.

She said that environmental cleanliness was everyone’s responsibility and urged locals to be part of the Mombasa county environmental management program.

She said such cleanup exercises would help young generation to always be cautious on matters concerning the environment.