Home News Suspect accused of killing a physically challenged surrenders to police

Suspect accused of killing a physically challenged surrenders to police

[The suspect accused of murdering a visual impaired youth in Old town, Mombasa, Imran Mohammed Abdulkadir. Photo/Ahmed Omar/June, 22, 2022].

A 21-year old youth suspected to have been involved in the killing of a hearing impaired minor in Old town area within Mombasa county has surrendered to the police.

Imran Mohammed Abdulkadir, surrendered to police at the Mombasa’s central police station on Wednesday morning, but denied to have been involved in the inhuman act.

Accompanied by Muslims for human rights (Muhuri) Imran says he is innocent and police should analyse the CCTV cameras mounted in various parts of old town to unleash who the real suspects are.

He insisted that he is not a criminal and not at any point was he involved in criminal activities with Old town area.

“I did not kill Mohammed, over 30 police officers raided our home last night looking for me but I was not around and together with my family I have presented myself so that I can be free,” he said.

Police released names of eight suspects believed to be behind the cold blood murder of the 17-year old Abdulrahman Mohammed.

“We searched and only found a lifeless body of our kin left along a feeder road within Old town area, it was covered with blood, he was stubbed several times on the left should and on the neck,” revealed the late Mohammed’s uncle, Abdinoor Mohammed.

He appealed to the police to conduct an in-depth investigation to arrest all those involved in the killing of the innocent boy.


Meanwhile, Muhuri Rapid Response Officer Francis Auma appealed to the security agencies to conduct investigations, however in humane manner.

He noted that police have been known for arresting, torturing and forcibly disappear suspects.

Auma says he will work closely with the security agencies so that they observe human rights even as they dispense their daily mandate in serving the public.

“We promise to work with security agencies so that justice prevails however, we also urge the 8 suspects to present themselves to the police so that investigations conclude,” Mr Auma said.


Addressing journalists on Wednesday, Urban Deputy police commander Maxwell Agoro said police will not at any point victimise anybody but want to ensure Mohammed’s family get justice.

Agoro says police will conclusively pursue the matter noting that the mushrooming of juvenile gangs within Old town area will be prioritised.

“We have not concluded that Imran is a criminal or was involved in the killing, we are conducting investigations and we will make more arrests in the due course,” he said.

Another suspect Haji Jiro was netted by police and has since been presented in court.

The Saturday night incident, attracted mixed reactions from locals within Old town area in Mombasa Island, with locals appealing to police to closely pursue the incident and nab all those involved in the killing.

Investigations are still underway.

Police have been blamed for failing to contain the increasing insecurity in Old town despite loud cry from locals on the emergence of armed criminal gangs in the area.