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SwahiliPot-Hub, a ray of hope for youth

[SwahiliPot Director Ms. Fatma Mkwariza during the interview. Photo/ Hussein Mdune]

SwahiliPot-Hub, the only Coast based technology and arts center has deterred many youth from indulging in crime and extremism after giving youth the opportunity to nurture their talents.

SwahiliPot-Hub Director Fatma Mkwariza said that the centre initiated two years ago has played a greater role in helping youth practice what they like most through guidance from their mentors.

Ms Mkwariza an engineer by profession said that the centre which has assisted over 600 members is focusing more on how to instill technology know how  among the youth as well as help out many youth identify and nurture their God given talents.

Ms. Mkwariza said that SwahiliPot-Hub has accepted many youth who were ready to improve on their talents and use them in earning a living.

She said that many youth who could compose songs, sing, dance, act, do poetry among many other talents were using the centre to enable them change and uplift their lives.

“Such efforts have deterred many youth pander to crime, extremism and more so dissuade them from using drugs,” she said.

SwahiliPot-Hub was initiated by Mahmoud Noor, an engineer by profession and a Consultant working for the Seacom, an International fiber company and which later became the centre of attraction for many youth and dignitaries from the Ministry of education.

Recently SwahiliPot-Hub hosted Doctor Kevit Desai, the Principal Secretary State Department of Vocational and Technical Training who expressed his gratitude and being swayed by what was happening at the Centre and vowed to support it.

[SwahiliPot-Hub Patron Mahmoud Noor (Left) with TVET PS Dr. Kevit Desai among other dignitaries at the SwahiliPot-Hub, Mombasa. Photo/SwahiliPot-Hub]

Mahmoud said that the centre will stretch its capacity to cover all the Coastal counties if it gets enough funding to sustain its long term measures.

“The centre has changed the thinking capacity of our youths, in Mombasa for example many youth are talented but have nowhere to showcase them or get the required mentorship to nurture and earn from them, we are here to assist them achieve such goals,” noted Mr. Noor.

Youth with ideas and vast interest to develop them register with the centre where they access free internet services, they are mentored by Mr. Noor and guided to a positive path.