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Take Covid-19 pandemic seriously, youth told

[Kadzandani Creative Youth Organisation Executive Director Omar Chai. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Youth in Mombasa should take seriously all the health and safety guidelines provided by the government in a bid to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

The youth have been further asked to observe physical distancing so as to prevent further spread of the pandemic.

Youth Leader Omar Chai said most youth have ignored the health and safety guidelines thus threatening their own health.

Speaking at Kadzandani in Kisauni, the Kadzandani Creative youth Organisation Executive Director said such ignorance poses major health threat not only to the youth but the entire community.

“As youth, let’s join hands in taming the spread of Covid-19,” noted Chai.


He however revealed that Kadzandani Creative youth organisation is conducting an awareness campaign on the Coronavirus disease to the public.

He disclosed that the youth activists have been for the past few weeks engaging the community in fighting the deadly disease.

“The health rules are so simple, wash your hands with clean running water and soap, maintain physical distance, sanitise your hands, avoid kissing and hugging,” revealed Mr. Chai.

His sentiments come as the government confirmed 6 more Covid-19 patients increasing the figure of those affected by the virus to 197.