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Tana river Action plan to prevent, counter violent extremism- peace lobby

[KECOSCE's Executive director Phyllis Muema. Photo/ Ahmed Omar]

Tana river County Action Plan for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism will immensely tame the volatile insecurity situation in the county.

The action plan is geared towards directly involving communities in its implementation for progressive positive impact in the fight against extremism, crime and terrorism.

Kenya Community Support Centre-KECOSCE led the way in developing the Action plan after a research conducted by the Peace and security organisation depicted major security threats the county was facing for being used as a hideout for extremists and terrorists.

KECOSCE Executive director Phyllis Muema said Tana river played a great role as a hideout for extremists, a security threat that will only be curtailed through embracing and implementing the Action plan.

She said the organisation tirelessly worked with other partners including Tana river County government to deliberate on how the insecurity threat could be amicably addressed.

“For decades, Tana river acted as a transit for bandits, extremists, terrorists among other criminals who hid, planned and executed attacks on locals,” noted Ms. Muema.

She said if the County government works with other partners and the community, all the hideouts will be unearthed.

She appealed to Lamu, Kilifi, Garissa and Wajir governors to immediately form Inter- county coordination committees to seal all routes being used by terrorists and other criminals crossing the county borders from Tana river.

She revealed that Tana river lost its rich agriculture and economic aspect following perennial insecurity problems.

Muema extended her appeal to Tana river Governor Major retired Dhadho Ghodhana to fully embrace the implementation of the Action plan so as to revive the once rich county.

[Haki Africa Executive director Hussein khalid. Photo/ Pauline Kwamboka.]

On his part, Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid termed the move as a milestone in curbing insecurity and tribal clashes among Tana river communities.

He said the Pokomo, Orma and Wardei have been clashing over various issues including pasture and water, adding that if they are all involved in implementing the Action plan none will attack the other.

“Since all the neighbouring counties have already implemented their own Action plans, Tana river was the remaining county facing extreme security challenges,” noted Mr. Khalid.

The Action plan that requires Sh. 57 million shillings annually for its successful implementation also involves other International partners among them USAID, UKAID and Act!