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Tana River Assembly Speaker kicked out

[Former Tana River County Assembly Speaker Michael Justin Nkaduda. Photo/Courtesy].

Tana River County Assembly Speaker Michael Justin Nkaduda’s fate has been completely sealed after the Members of the County Assembly adopted a report to oust him.

According the Ad hoc Committee Chairperson and Hirimani MCA Ismail Kodobo the Committee selected to listen to both sides was given ten days to write a report and present it to the Assembly after a total of 18 MCA’s passed a motion to out Nkaduda on April, 28.

Though Nkaduda was given time to defend himself he did not appear before the Committee but instead, sent his lawyers who also failed to convince the committee on the whereabouts of the Speaker.

A total of 18 MCA’s on Tuesday adopted the Ad hoc Committee report and sealed Nkaduda’s fate by throwing him out of the Assembly for good.

Wayu Ward representative who is also the Deputy speaker of the Assembly Saddam Galole Hussein will now take over in acting capacity until the County Public Service Board announces a vacancy of the Tana River County Assembly Speaker position.

“Though we did not substantiate the abuse of office accusation, we reaffirmed the other two accusations of gross misconduct and incompetence,” said Mr. Kodobo.

He said the assembly has been running in total paralysis during Nkaduda’s reign and that the County Assembly Members were not ready to further tolerate such political bickering.

However, Nkaduda’s lawyers are heading to court to appeal the MCA decision to oust him.