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Tecra and Lalli were lovebirds-Lawyer

[The late Tecra Muigai with her boyfriend Omar Lalli. Photo/courtesy].

Tecra Muigai and Omar Lalli Omar were lovebirds.

According to lawyer Yusuf Abubakar representing Lalli, his client is ill accused.

However, Abubakar said he will use all the human rights avenues and the constitution to vindicate Lalli’s innocence.

Speaking at Kizingitini, Lamu County after he secured the release of Lalli on a 300,000 shillings bond, Abubakar said the two were love birds and the truth will finally stand.

Lalli and Tecra lived as wife and husband at Shella Island in Lamu.

Tecra, daughter to renowned investor and Keroche industry proprietor Tabitha Karanja is reported to have fallen from her house and badly injured her head.

According to reports, Tecra died while receiving treatment at Nairobi hospital.

Her family has since filed murder charges against Tecra’s boyfriend Omar Lalli Omar.


However, Lalli’s family insists the two were love birds and visited Kizingitini for traditional blessings.

[Lawyer Yusuf Abubakar].

It is reported that Tecra converted to Islam for the love she has for Lalli.

On Wednesday, Lamu Chief Magistrate Allan Sitati released Lalli on a sh.300,000 bond after he objected to an application from the prosecution to detain him for one more week.

Lalli had already been detained at the Lamu prisons for 21 days.